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A quicktable plugin for ckeditor 4

This plugin adds a quicktable feature to the existing table plugin.

The original code was submitted by danyaPostfactum as a pull request for the table plugin. I just extracted the code and made a seperate plugin out of it and added some options to it (see sample in plugin directory)

The original table plugin is required for this to work!


This requires node.js and npm to be installed.

Then open the directory with the git-shell and type npm install to install the required packages.

After that you can execute grunt with the following options:

  1. grunt test
  2. Linting the js and html files (check for syntax errors etc.). See JS Hint Configuration File for options (default)
  3. grunt build
  4. grunt test and compressing the plugin into a zip file. The zip file is located in the release directory.
  5. grunt build-only
  6. Just generating the zip file without linting and markdown compile (not recommended)


Just copy the whole directory (quicktable) in the plugins directory


javascript CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor1', { qtRows: 20, // Count of rows in the quicktable (default: 8) qtColumns: 20, // Count of columns in the quicktable (default: 10) qtBorder: '1', // Border of the inserted table (default: '1') qtWidth: '90%', // Width of the inserted table (default: '500px') qtStyle: { 'border-collapse' : 'collapse' }, // Content of the style-attribute of the inserted table (default: null) qtClass: 'test', // Class of the inserted table (default: '') qtCellPadding: '0', // Cell padding of the inserted table (default: '1') qtCellSpacing: '0', // Cell spacing of the inserted table (default: '1') qtPreviewBorder: '4px double black', // Border of the preview table (default: '1px solid #aaa') qtPreviewSize: '4px', // Cell size of the preview table (default: '14px') qtPreviewBackground: '#c8def4' // Cell background of the preview table on hover (default: '#e5e5e5') });

Known Issues:

For more Information see original post here