What is Isotop ?

Isotop is a customised OpenBSD installation media. Its goal is to provide a ready-to-use environment to help you get in touch with this amazing OS.

Some light tools are included to help the beginner.

It just looks like an usable desktop  :

aperçu d'isotop 1

aperçu d'isotop 1


Compared to a bare OpenBSD install, Isotop includes these setups  :

  • unbound is used to resolve domain names locally (not by your internet provider).
  • doas, to have root access (like sudo) is configured for the default user. Still, a password is required.
  • A menu (tkmenu) give fast acces to some useful links concerning OpenBSD
  • External USB drives are mounted automatically in “/vol”. A symbolic link called "Disks" is available in the user directory.
  • The packages URL is set in “/etc/installurl”.
  • Power management is enabled (daemon apmd).
  • Installed daemons are enabled (cups, messagebus...).
  • A few personalised actions are availables in the file manager (upload pictures online, resize pictures, …
  • Some addons for your privacy and security are available by default in the web browser
  • A few scripts to ease upgrades, package managements, Wifi…
  • If a printer is installed, right managment to use it is ready after a single reboot.
  • Translations in english and french (for now) are installed according to the keymap chosen at install.

Take note

  • USB drives are mounted when inserted in /vol. A symlink is available in /home/you/Disks. You can remove it when you have finished copying without worrying.
  • If /opt/isotop/wall/loginbg.jpg exists, it is used by xenodm, the login manager. A tool to configure xenodm appearance is available.
  • To use an USB printer, you may read this page (french) if default configuration doesn't work.
  • Isotop is not made to be the fastest or the most up to date system, but try to be as secure as OpenBSD is.

Get Isotop

See this page  :